A Poem…

A poem. A simple four letter word that is difficult to comprehend. Some people practice and practice for years learning how to write a poem. Rhyming can be part of a poem, but is it that necessary? Dr. Seuss made it look cool but what about all the rest of us who can’t write like that? If Seuss didn’t have the rhyming, his poems and stories would have still been solid. Poems can symbolize romance: “Roses are red. Violets are blue. I like you. Hopefully you like me too.” Poems can be used in school projects like I’ve done myself. They have a feel to them and a deeper meaning than a book or play in which you’d probably have to do more reading or taking more time out of your day to listen/read them. I’ve been wanting to write poems for awhile, but I just don’t know how and where to begin?


4 thoughts on “A Poem…

  1. All you need to do is let your hand move across the page, and follow your mind. Don’t worry about form, spelling, grammar, whether. You started out in first person (I) and changed to third person (she). Don’t worry about anything like that. Just follow your mind. After you write it, read it aloud. If you stumble over certain lines or words, maybe you need to change that part.

    Later you can take a look at it, read it out loud again, and maybe tweak it a bit, cut out excess, move the line breaks to emphasize what you want to emphasize.

    Write at least a few lines in this manner every day, maybe use a note book or composition book so as to keep everything together.

    As important as practicing your writing and reading out loud is to read widely of good poets. Don’t get stuck in the 19th century, all flowers and rhymes etc. Rhyme is used in certain limited circumstances, such as song lyrics, slam poetry, or old fashioned forms. Don’t worry about rhyme.

    Good luck.

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  2. Rhyming just happens when you let the words flow with your thoughts! Well, I just started writting too, you can check out my poems ! Anyways, good luck with your write up! Looking forward to your poems 🙂

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