Her: One of the best films ever made.

Film and Nuance

Deviating from my usual content,I’ll review a movie that was shown last year (instead of current movies). I’d like to review Her because it has possibly become one of my favourite films and with a film that has dared to explore multiple different themes, Her will forever remain one of its kind. The fuzzy quirky relationship between Theodore(Joaquin Phoenix) and O.S. Samantha(Scarlett Johansson) encases the sci-fi perspective that reveals much about modern society and relationships within it. Her is unsettling, engaging,fun and dangerous all at the same time.It is complex to try and fit romance and sci-fi and philosophy into a single film, but Her unites them all with a heartwarming story, with subtle yet spontaneously real moments.In one conversation, Samantha catches Theodore offguard with ‘I can understand how the limited perspective of an unartificial mind might perceive it that way’ to Theodore’s surprise at her intuition. They both laugh…

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Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you” – Unknown

Flaws are what make us human. Flaws are what make each and every one of us beautiful and unique. Instead of hating your flaws and hating yourself because of them, you should be accepting them. Why constantly put yourself down over something that we ALL have?

Stop hating yourself because of them. Don’t let them control you. You have to conquer them. As soon as you can learn to love and accept your own flaws, the happier you’ll be. Why? Because you will finally realize that you ARE beautiful. And that it’s okay to have them. If other people can accept your flaws, then you should too. However, throughout life, you will run into some people who can’t accept your flaws. But the only reason they can’t accept yours, is because they haven’t yet accepted their own.

If a…

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Da Kine Island Grill

Da Kine Island Grill
in California
They all look like drunk idiots
Am I the only one under 18?
I think I just saw another one!!
How sad
People on their phones
Beers and pineapple
Hawaiian bar and restaurant
Total package!!
Dinner looks great
Time to watch the UFC fights!!
Sooo ready!!!!!!!:)
He won!!!! 🙂
Jones was amazing!
Last 10 seconds
Of the fight


Deep Dark Hole


Who is to be blame? Should I blame myself or should I blame that woman or man. Sort of Confused. Depression is a disease growing at an alarming rate.  Cry! Blame yourself! Blame others but never stay in that deep dark hole.

I believe in going big, that honesty is the best policy, and in the undeniable fact that we are deserving of fulfilling right fit lives. We all have a purpose. We might not know it, but later you will find it. Sometimes you just have to dive deeper, deeper in your thoughts, deeper in you mind, deeper in your soul and deeper in your heart to find you. Be a fighter, not a physical fighter but someone who will fight for your dreams, hopes and aspiration.  Be a champion, let those dreams, hopes and aspiration be reality. Let them come to past. Feel it and embrace it. Embrace you.

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Imperfectly Flawless



All everyone wants these days is to be perfect. Why? Because society has brainwashed us into thinking that if you don’t live up the standards of what society thinks is “perfect” – that you’re not good enough. That you’re not beautiful. Or that you don’t belong. Society promotes the idea that in order to be “perfect”, you need to have a clear, acne free face. That you have to have a skinny waist and a thigh gap. That it’s not okay to have flaws. Or that you have to wear lots of make up to even be considered pretty. And because of those ideas, there are girls who STRIVE to be looked at as “perfect” and will do anything to obtain that image. Some will even damage their health in order to achieve it.

Society is sending out the wrong message. The message that shouldbe broadcasted, is that there is no such thing as perfect. That it’s…

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Animals Crackers


New Year: My One Word for 2015 and Why I Can’t Leave 2014 Behind

Lily Ellyn

In Korea people don’t stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year. Instead, they get up in the middle of the night and they hike a mountain. They climb through the dark, snowy pre-dawn hours and when they reach the top they stand with their faces to the sky to greet the first sunrise of the New Year.

What a contrast to how we in the West often enter the New Year – stumbling out of bed at noon, tired and quite possibly hungover. For many, January 1st is a day of recovery. We spend New Year’s Eve celebrating the ending of something and the beginning of a new thing. We bombard the internet with reflections on the previous year. Even the less introspective among us take a moment to declare the past year, “the best” or “the hardest” or “the craziest” year of their lives.

I can…

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