Deep Dark Hole


Who is to be blame? Should I blame myself or should I blame that woman or man. Sort of Confused. Depression is a disease growing at an alarming rate.  Cry! Blame yourself! Blame others but never stay in that deep dark hole.

I believe in going big, that honesty is the best policy, and in the undeniable fact that we are deserving of fulfilling right fit lives. We all have a purpose. We might not know it, but later you will find it. Sometimes you just have to dive deeper, deeper in your thoughts, deeper in you mind, deeper in your soul and deeper in your heart to find you. Be a fighter, not a physical fighter but someone who will fight for your dreams, hopes and aspiration.  Be a champion, let those dreams, hopes and aspiration be reality. Let them come to past. Feel it and embrace it. Embrace you.

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