I’d Live Underwater

spring tide voice

If every knock on the door was a ripple, if dirt slipped as sand through my fingers and if breathing was in bubbles, I’d live underwater.

I’d float all day and give one ear to the sky and its birds and the other to the humming ocean bed and tinkles of spyglass. I’d bask in the tingling noon sun and dream under a milky moon as waves would crash and cradle me.

If I had my way, I would minimalise my thinking, my worries, the need to need or be free… for floating, lying, whisking in glorified nothingness and listening to the horizon sing feels like everything and anything at the same time. It is a purity of trickles; a sleeve of effortless fluid running through crevices and bathing my bare unapologetic soul with care.

If mermaids are childish, know that the spirit of youth is the hardest to lose. If I’m mistaken, know that I’m growing, but not to conform…

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Life goes on


I have not lived for years,
I have lived each moment as a lifetime….

Things have not always been good,
I have tried to improve everything…

Life may not have given me a chance to smile,
I have sworn to bring a smile on the face of an unknown….

I have not got whatever I wished for,
I have earned for whatever I longed for…

I know the pain of being lonely,
I try to be friends with unknown…

I know the importance of love,
I spread life wherever I go….

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The Roller Coaster of Life (poem)

Journal of an Indonesian College Student

Up, down; the roller coaster goes.
Fowards, backwards; I walk on my toes.
Life’s a track, full of twists and turns.
You can reach the top; you can crash and burn.

One day you’re happy, the next day you’re not.
At first you believe, eventually you doubt.
You reach success; a six-figure salary.
You lose your job; a big wave of misery.

Expect the unexpected, try to stay realistic.
But never lose hope, stay optimistic.
You see life can be rough, full of sadness and sorrow.
But the bad things in life, might be gone by tomorrow.

So when riding the coaster; the roller coaster of life,
put on your seatbelt; because you’re in for a ride.

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Man has long believed
In his superiority
To animals.

Because of our capability
To control our actions
To make decisions
And to communicate.

But having a capability
Doesn’t mean we use it.

What makes us so different
From one another
Is that animals
have more humanity
Than any human I’ve ever met.
And most humans
Act more animalistic
Than any animal I’ve ever seen.

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