National Pizza Day: Great Pizza Moments in Movies & TV


Did you grab a slice yet today? Why not? You didn’t know?

It’s National Pizza Day! 

Pizza Day GIF

Now you may be asking, “who decided this?” IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO DECIDED THIS! IT’S PIZZA!

So let’s commemorate the occasion properly and take a look at moments in television and film that made us hungry enough to call for delivery.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad pizza

Most fans can pinpoint it to Season 3 Episode 2, but how did that pepperoni pizza get up on that roof?

Walter?…Don’t you do it!…Dammit, Walter. 

Home Alone

Home Alone Pizza

How many immature jerks, I mean kids, tried this themselves? I imagine it was a rough go for delivery guys nationwide during the 90s. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT Pizza

We’ll forgive the Turtles for their choice of Dominos only because they live in a sewer. And because corporate sponsorship and all…

Wayne’s World

Wayne's World pizza hut

Speaking of corporate sponsorship…

Mad Men

Draper Pizza

Not really any physical pizza…

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