Those 5 days…

The Forgotten Anon Girl

Walking alone on a silent street
I could feel the gentle breeze
Staring at the starry sky
I let him walk through my mind
Memories flashed as in a dream
His warm smile, gentle blue eyes
His greeting nod, his first look
All enough to make me lose myself
Each moment I spent around him
Was like a dream come true
He was perfect, just the right one

There was a connection between us
Both of us realized it
Even the people around us did
Those random smiles, petty signals
That special care and a lot more
Lending a hand whenever possible
Walking together quietly
That silly smile never left us
Exclusive names for one another
All was good…two days passed
Waiting for each other for the meal

Then came the realisation
We can’t be together
He and I are different
Racially, culturally and by birth
It was hard to…

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