Learning to crochet is probably one of the hardest things that I’ve done in my life. My momma and I decided that I need a “hobby” of some sort and crochet said, “Hey Sadie. We could be friends.” So I was like fine whatever how hard can this actually be. Underestimated the difficulty of crocheting is exactly what I have done for almost a week now. I got this DIY crochet pack but the yarn that I bought was too thick. Sooo frustrating. I mean I honestly had no idea that it could be this hard. There are different sizes of needles that you need for the different yarn sizes you use. I just got the thin yarn last night, so I’m going to try and crochet with this yarn instead. Problem is: I don’t know how to even make the slip knot!!!! That’s the first step to crocheting and I’ve attempted it about 30 times. It’s exhausting but it seems fun once I get the hang of it.


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