Moving on from the past, present and the future.

My experience with Bipolar Disorder.


Ahh Rafiki, you are a fake character in a kid’s movie but nothing you said didn’t make sense. That’s right.. I was a little kid when I saw the Lion King. I loved Disney movies and I still do love Disney movies.

My most recently seen Disney Movie’s were; Tangled, Big Hero 6, and Frozen. Frozen was pretty good. I really loved seeing Wreck-It-Ralph too, Vanellope was too cute. Before I get too off topic I’d like to start my original topic, and that is moving on from the past, present and the future.

Now all of you know that I have bipolar disorder (bipolar 1) and a couple of other things. There is no denying that being bipolar really does affect you for the rest of your life, that is; If you know you are bipolar. Some people go unmedicated, and that can really wreck your life. Of course…

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Ferret Skepticism

Another Blog, Meanwhile

At the pet store is a plastic cage full of ferrets, which the label says are “lively tubes of furry fun”. Thing is every time I’m in the pet store, the ferrets are sprawled out on their backs, sleeping, dozing tubes of socks that had a wee too wild a party last night. I’ll suppose they’re fun, but the evidence isn’t on stage there. Just as well. Right next to them are guinea pigs, whom I understand much better, because while they may not be tubes of fun or anything they are always looking around with an expression that says, “Are you certain I was supposed to be invited to this meeting?”

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