Learning Curves (Day 13)

...said the blind man...

(Day 13 ofNaPoWriMo.)


of what I know

about relationships

comes from

an episode of

Women: Stories of Passion

where a shy gardener

unwittingly seduces

the married woman

paying him to


handle her backyard.

Her husband is off on


(aren’t they always?)

leaving her bored and


with a

shirtless man

elbow-deep in her

prized petunias.

Sweat glistened

on his chest

and her brow,

and I knew then

that this story would

Change Everything,

that I would


how to make

my future wife

feel special

and spiritually fulfilled

once I saw

the climax,

but just then

my grandmother

whose TV was connected

to mine

via splitter

shouted angrily

from her bedroom

for me to change

the channel,

and quick.

I never learned

what the soft-spoken guy

did to help

a listless wife

overcame her ennui,

but I did learn

to never

and I mean never

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