Turk’s Text of the Day (or every other day or so…): April 13, 2015

Incidentally Bewildered

After writing my blog post about the mysterious note regarding someone not returning phone calls, my sister, Laura, wasn’t responding to my calls or texts. (Maybe the note was about her?) I was worried she was mad about my confession that I had taken her printer without telling her it would, in fact, work with her laptop.  I later learned she was dealing with a sticky situation.

Turk:  Ok …are you mad a bout the printer?

Turk: Hello?

Laura:  Hold the line please!

Laura: Guess what I am cleaning?


Melted Flarp.  The fart noise putty Mike got for Easter.  He left the lid off and it melted to my sheets and comforter.  I only have sheets.  I took our other blankets to storage.

Turk:  hahaha  Your life is going to take over my blog. So funny.

Laura: Your blog is funny but seriously, WTF?  Why didn’t you tell me about the UV thingy

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