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Aca-welcome to my aca-review of the aca-sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. To celebrate this movie, I will be using aca’s throughout this whole review… aca-kidding. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m ready to do this for real.

I saw the first Pitch Perfect for the first time only a few months ago. I had no interest in a movie that I could not relate to at all. My demographic does not match the audience’s, so why would I watch it? I was eventually coerced into watching it, and ended up enjoying a lot more than I ever expected. It was funny, creative, and had an edge to it. And I did relate to Anna Kendrick’s love interest who has great film taste and his Star Wars obsessed roomate. Naturally, my anticipation for Pitch Perfect 2 spiked and here we are.

In some capacity, all of the…

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About to be 7

This dog….I have this dog, and she is a black pug with white on her chest. She seems unable to deal with the heat/weather a lot, yet she sits on people a lot so that might be a reason of why she is unable to deal with the heat. She sticks her tongue out about an inch when she feels heat on her body. She can only walk about two miles a day maybe less. She has a bit of a bear but it’s super adorable:))<3 She turns her head when she talks to people and that makes me laugh sometimes because it seems like she is trying to understand what people say to her but I'm not sure she does. She knows when I'm doing something wrong because she goes into my moms room and looks at her. That’s it for now