The 9 Members Of Every Group Text

Thought Catalog


The group text is quickly becoming the prominent mode of communicating for millennials. As a person who befriends many circles, I’m a frequent member of several group texts, which isn’t anything to boast, so much as it is an almost certainty that my phone will buzz with things I may or may not have any clue about throughout my days.

In one perspective, it’s a good thing–I can always distract myself, if I want to. In another, I can always distract myself. I rarely see one project I commit to carried through to its end without getting sidetracked by the digital world.

The point isn’t to weigh the pros and cons of group texting, however, so much as it is to roast the characters who are in them. For your view and pleasure: the nine members of your group text.

1. Mr. Joke Flop

While the group text is…

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