Weight Loss: Day 1


If you’re currently reading this, then it’s greatly appreciated! Weight loss is something that millions of people around the world struggle with. Let’s just think about how many weight loss shows are on tv these days. This is my umpteenth time trying to lose weight, but I just couldn’t find anything that sticks for my personal needs. Diets help, but for only so long. People are busy, and always on the go. Working overtime for my job definitely doesn’t help this process one bit, especially because I sit all day.

But, you aren’t here (and neither am I) to talk about what doesn’t work. You’re here to see what works. To tell you the truth, it’s different for everyone. There’s no definite answer on how to lose weight especially in a certain time frame. I’ve always struggled with it. I will tell you what seems to be working for me with the craziness of this rollercoaster we like to call life.

So, how my attempt at a weekly weight loss journey diary is to tell you what active activities I preceded to do, steps, weight for the week (gained/lost), and what my takeaway for the week is. Also, I’ll be including a picture every Saturday evening (unless otherwise noted).

Today I walked a little over a mile on the treadmill. I burned about 540 calories throughout the day. For steps, I walked 4,914 steps which is about 2.43 miles (including the treadmill). My weight for the day is 271lbs. My takeaway would have to be that if I walk in increments instead of a lot at one time, I have more energy for the other ones rather than trying to tackle 30 minutes of treadmill at a time. Also, not eating so much at night seems to be okay, but it’s only my first day so we will see.

Thanks for reading!

PS I’ve attached a picture of me today IMG_0332.JPG