Ailing body
Troubled soul
Flapping limbs
Happy moments
Far and few
Rare smiles
Call to you.
Thoughts unhindered
Talks uncomplicated
Bruised spirit
Walls agitated.
Won’t move,
Golden hooves
Like an animal
Unexpected cues.
Unsolicited dances
Running free
Talking to thee…


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Pitch Perfect 2 – Movie Talk

Monster's Movie Mayhem

Aca-welcome to my aca-review of the aca-sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. To celebrate this movie, I will be using aca’s throughout this whole review… aca-kidding. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m ready to do this for real.

I saw the first Pitch Perfect for the first time only a few months ago. I had no interest in a movie that I could not relate to at all. My demographic does not match the audience’s, so why would I watch it? I was eventually coerced into watching it, and ended up enjoying a lot more than I ever expected. It was funny, creative, and had an edge to it. And I did relate to Anna Kendrick’s love interest who has great film taste and his Star Wars obsessed roomate. Naturally, my anticipation for Pitch Perfect 2 spiked and here we are.

In some capacity, all of the…

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