Her: One of the best films ever made.

Film and Nuance

Deviating from my usual content,I’ll review a movie that was shown last year (instead of current movies). I’d like to review Her because it has possibly become one of my favourite films and with a film that has dared to explore multiple different themes, Her will forever remain one of its kind. The fuzzy quirky relationship between Theodore(Joaquin Phoenix) and O.S. Samantha(Scarlett Johansson) encases the sci-fi perspective that reveals much about modern society and relationships within it. Her is unsettling, engaging,fun and dangerous all at the same time.It is complex to try and fit romance and sci-fi and philosophy into a single film, but Her unites them all with a heartwarming story, with subtle yet spontaneously real moments.In one conversation, Samantha catches Theodore offguard with ‘I can understand how the limited perspective of an unartificial mind might perceive it that way’ to Theodore’s surprise at her intuition. They both laugh…

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