Time To Ask Something To Yourself..!!!!

Priya Thakkar

Crumpled question marks heap

I always wonder about some random questions. I used to ask all these questions to my friends or family or anyone who stands somewhat in my life. Now, as you all are the readers plays a very important role in my life, I want to ask you all these questions to you even.

May be, you all have this questions in your mind sometimes but you just took it as granted and forget to figure it out. But this is the right time to wait for awhile and find answer about this.

The major 15 question everyone should try to find out for themselves.

  1. What is that specific thing which gives you SMILE on your sad face?
  2.  One thing, that makes you special and unique?
  3.  The thing, which you are proud of yourself.
  4.  Which is that one thing comes in between you and your happiness? Would you ever try to…

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