Trying to maintain peace.

the Black Dahlia

I’m still on my quest for a job, but I’m feeling more positive each day. I’m learning to be more appreciative and to try and make each day a productive one.

I am mostdefinitelya morning person and I love waking up to a clear blue sky and soft sunshine, opening the window and just lying in bed listening to the bird song. I recently started meditating again and I find this part of the morning is perfect for it! I can play my relaxation playlist, list some incense and have a good 10-15 minute meditation session. To anyone that has nevermeditated, try it! Even if it’s just the once, you might find that it really helps!



As much as I’ve tried to make myself happier and more positive, there’s something that has really been bugging me.

Anyone who has been reading my previous blogs will understand that I…

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