What Is Black Love ?

New Generation Army


The black man,has been beaten,torn,abused,and stripped of his human pride. His sense of identity has been by, force taken from him. He is called a boy,when indeed he is a man, in front of his black woman. Who looks to her dark knight for hope. How can he ,still be a man without feeling any guilt or shame? On the inside of him he feels empty,because of his oppressors. Sprits of depression still living through generations of slavery and genocide. The black man looks to his African queen for comfort, love, peace and a place of happiness, but even here lies minimal hope.


The black woman was called a girl,although indeed clearly she is a woman. Black women were told ,they were ugly,stupid ,clumsy and that they could never be elegant. How can she feel beautiful if there is no black man to speak for her represent her with pride…

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